Residential Glass

Professional Glass Service.

Your homes windows are not the first thing you want to spend your hard earned money on.
Whether it's a foggy sealed unit that's been foggy for some time or a broken window from your child's golf "practice". We will fix your glass quickly, professionally, and at a fair cost.


Failed Sealed Unit Replacement

See clearly now.

Double glazed windows are important to maintain and keep your energy costs low, but most individuals replace them because they're UGLY!
When the seal fails it allows outside moisture in between the two panes of glass. If left too long they will turn milky white and nearly impossible to see through.

This is what windows left for years after failing look like.jpg

Broken Glass Repair

Don't let that broken glass be a pane.

When you have broken glass it can be a dangerous situation. You need it fixed quickly, and most importantly, with the right products. Leave the mess to us and we will professionally replace your broken glass and make sure it's good as new!

Sealed unit replacement of a vandalised window_#theglassmen #professionalglassservice #windowrepair

Mirror Installation

Reflect your space.

Adding a mirror to you bathroom, home gym, or other living space makes the space feel larger and beautifies your home!

We installed this large mirror (114_ x 53_) in the dining room of this lovely South Surrey townhouse

Shower Enclosures

Get clean in style.

Professional installation of frameless heavy plate shower enclosures and doors.

A custom 10mm tempered shower enclusure.jpg

Table Tops

Protect your investment

No matter what the size or shape of your table we ensure a perfect fit. Adding a glass tabletop will protect the surface from scratches and dents, keeping your investment in top shape.

We specialize in custom cut glass and mirror. Like this lovely 10mm table top just installed for a c

Wood Window Repair

Even if it's old it can be fixed.

Whether it's a state of the art wood window or a 100 year old heritage home. We can fix it!

All done within 24hrs.__We attended this emergency call around 6_30 pm yesterday evening.jpg

Window and Door Hardware

A door isn't useful if it doesn't open.

If you have a patio door or moving windows that isn't functioning correctly, whether it's the handles, locks, hinges, rollers, or replacement track, we specialize in the replacement parts you need!

Remember_ _Professional Glass Service also includes all of your window and door hardware!_#theglassm

Glass Supply

Just the glass!

If you just need the glass we will happily supply it for you!
Whether it be glass for a picture frame, a new sealed unit, a mirror or a tabletop. If you want to do the work yourself we will make sure you get the right product.

Custom cut 6mm tempered insert for a custom built table.jpg

Whatever the job, we’ve got your needs covered. Contact us now for a free estimate.