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 About Us:
The Glassmen are a glass replacement and service company. 

Insulating Glass Units (IGU):
Supplied and Installed – Along with the Manufacturer’s 10-year Warranty against seal failure, The Glassmen offers you a two (2) year warranty on materials and labour against seal failure. The Glassmen do not warranty any IGU made of glass previously owned by the customer. (ie: customers own glass)

Supplied and Installed – The Glassmen offers you a 90-day installation warranty on new parts and labour. Some manufacturers offer various lengths of replacement warranties. (Labour is not included past 90 days)

Terms & Conditions:
The Glassmen are not liable for glass breakage, damage or failure due to an accident, misuse, abuse, vandalism, riot or civil commotion or acts of nature including but not limited to fire, flood or earthquake. This warranty does not cover damage caused through installation in a wet environment, or in a damp or moist environment, or in a structure that admits to water intrusion. The warranty does not cover damage caused through faulty design of your residence or business, careless handling, misuse, misapplication, alterations or applying solar film products to IGU’s. Where the product is located in an area that requires scaffolding or lift equipment, the customer will be responsible for the cost of such said equipment. The Glassmen reserves the right to refund a portion of the customer’s purchase price of the product, in lieu of providing a replacement component. Breakage caused by settling of the architectural structure, in which the sealed unit is installed, is not covered in the warranty. Use of harsh, abnormal or abrasive chemical cleaning products will void the warranty. 

Any modification, alteration or attempted repair of the product by anyone other than The Glassmen, voids all warranties offered by The Glassmen.

Who is covered?

This warranty extends to the Original Purchaser of the product, starts on the date of installation and is effective for 90 days on hardware and two (2) years on Insulated Glass Units, as long as the Original Purchaser still owns, resides or leases the location where the product is installed. 


Note: Date of purchase is the same as date of installation. The Glassmen reserve the right to require proof of purchase for any warranty claim to be submitted. All warranties on product not fully paid for, will be voided.


The Glassmen reserve the right to alter or change this policy at anytime.

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